“Just the same, I don’t plan on returning to Chimney Rock – ever.”

A lot of us are spending more time at home in this period of social distancing, and what better way to pass the time than with a good book?

So many good ones to read or re-read, though of course once you’ve read a book you know how everything plays out.

There are books that try to extend their re-readability by letting readers make choices about what happens next.

I grew up reading Choose Your Own Adventure books, some of which had dozens of possible outcomes.

Some were happy, some spooky, some bizarre and some pretty unpleasant!

But the Sri Lankan author Sybil Wettasinghe has outdone them all.

Her latest book “Wonder Crystal” has just set a world record for the most alternative endings in a single book.

Many of them came from Sri Lankan students, and that was the original purpose of the book, to get young readers to dream up their own ideas and start coming up with their own stories.

It worked. “Wonder Crystal” now has 1,250 completed endings!

As for reading every single one of them? You could probably write a whole book about doing that.

A pilot in Austria went up in the air on Monday morning to do his part for social distancing.

After flying back and forth and this way and that way for about a half-hour, he returned to the ground, at which point anyone watching his flight path online could see that he’d spelled out the words “STAY HOME” to remind Austrians about how they can help keep each other healthy.

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