Yo dawg, I heard you like coffee, so I put coffee in your coffee cup so you can drink coffee out of coffee…

The amount of coffee we all drink and use means we put a lot of used coffee grounds out into the world.

And those are pretty useful, even after waking us up.

Coffee grounds can be recycled in all kinds of ways.

They’re useful in the garden, and they’re part of a wide range of products.

Want to sit on a chair made partly with coffee grounds? You can do that.

Or you can use printer toner made out of coffee grounds…

But the most meta product in this menagerie comes from KaffeeForm, a German company that uses coffee grounds to make… coffee cups.

The company partners with coffee shops to collect the leftover grounds, which it then mixes with sustainably sourced woods and natual resins to create a stylish, sturdy and compostable alternative to those disposable cups.

Some of the coffee shops that supply the grounds to KaffeeForm also use the cups in their shops, which has to feel like deja vu at least a little bit.

We’ve got a remake of the Little Mermaid movie in the works, starring actor and R&B singer Halle Bailey – but production isn’t even going to start until 2020.

For those who want to go full mermaid now, well, today is day one of the California MERMAID Festival in Sacramento, open to mermaids, mermen and other nautical-type individuals.

There will be live mer-performances at Sacramento’s mermaid-themed public house, which has the most appropriate name you can imagine: Dive Bar.

6 Amazing products made (almost) entirely from recycled coffee grounds (Inhabitat)

California Mermaid Festival

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Photo by Monik Markus via Flickr/Creative Commons