Hi! We have plenty to go over today.

Today in 1775, King George III issued A Proclamation for Suppressing Rebellion and Sedition, warning colonists the king’s military would “bring the traitors to justice.” I wonder what ever happened with that.

Because it’s Rick Springfield‘s 70th birthday and because what else would one do on this occasion, here is the video for “Jessie’s Girl”:

Actually there is one more thing I can do to mark Rick Springfield’s birthday! Here’s the classic diss track from wrestling legend Jimmy Hart, “Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield”:

The Kool and the Gang/Quiet Riot mashup is a celebration and good for my metal health.

Police in Sweden moved in to arrest a man smoking marijuana. “What the policemen did not expect was that a third party would interfere” – a gull that flew off with the evidence!

The “are these burgers made of people” question seems like a good one to clear up.