Sometimes you just aren’t going to miss out, no matter what they throw at you. That was the a story of a hockey player who, 91 years ago today, just wasn’t going to miss his game.

Eddie Shore was a star defenseman for the Boston Bruins. The team was heading up to Montreal for a must-win game against the Canadiens.

Shore was headed to Boston’s North Station in a friend’s car when the vehicle broke down. There was no way he was going to make the train north.

The team already had several players out with injuries, and Shore’s absence would leave them even more shorthanded. Even worse, he’d face a $200 fine from the Bruins’ owner for missing the train.

So Shore decided to find a way to Montreal, even though there were no trains that would get him there by game time, and flights had been canceled because of the weather.

So he hired a cab to drive him there, all 350 miles. The driver went to an all-night service station to equip the car with snow chains, which they needed because New England was in the middle of a blizzard.

The storm covered the windshield with snow, and the wiper froze. Keep in mind this was before defrosters! Shore removed the top half of the windshield and kept going.

The tire chains broke, and so did the replacement tire chains they found along the way – but still Shore kept moving the car north, at least until the driver crashed into a ditch in Quebec.

But Shore refused to miss the game! He asked and received help from a nearby farmer, who used his sleigh to take them to a railroad station. They then caught a train to Montreal just in time for the game.

Not only did Shore play after that harrowing 22 hour trip, he scored the only goal of the game.

The Bruins won their must-win game thanks to a guy who by all accounts shouldn’t have been able to get to it.

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