So the contractor comes in this afternoon to give me the daily update on our renovation project, and he’s telling me about the windows they’ve installed, and the chimney they’ve upgraded, and the framing they’ve done.

And then he says this: “We cut a hole at the top of the staircase. You could probably go up there.”

It was my first real “on the ground” look at the project so far. And I took some pictures so that you could see all the cool new stuff up there too. (By the way, I do realize how dumb it sounds to refer to a second floor construction as “on the ground.”)

Ready? Here we go…

Up towards the future

Last time I climbed these stairs there was an entirely different, and much smaller, second floor at the other end.


We’re in the front of the house now, with a good-sized bedroom that will probably be Owen’s room sometime down the road. The windows on the left face out toward our driveway.


It’s ok that this bedroom is smallish, because it’s not the only bedroom in the house. The window opening there is part of the middle gable.


A compact but full bathroom – it’ll even have a tub.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is roughly twice as big as our current bedroom, and that doesn’t include its closet space.


The master bedroom has a closet (still to be framed) and a storage nook, which is so handy it’s already in use.

Kitty: overhead view

We get great views of the yard from the new second floor windows – our neighbor kitty Sassy was traipsing through the yard this afternoon and was very confused to hear someone calling his name from up above.

There’s still a ton to do, but it’s amazing to see how much space we’re gaining with this renovation.