Talk about playing it where it lays: here’s how you play golf during Nazi bombardment.

Golf rules for during a blitz

Fascinating, isn’t it? And pretty fair… until you get to rule seven. So if a bomb goes off and it moves your ball into the rough, you can put it back on the fairway, but if that bomb should go off while you’re rearing back and smacking the ball you have to take a penalty stroke? What’s that all about? Especially since the Nazi Golfencommando was working up and down the English countryside, waiting for His Lordship to line up a perfect approach shot so they could blow something heavy up and cost the dude a stroke.

Meanwhile Hitler’s strutting around hole #4 in his bunker, faking shots just because he can do it and nobody’s gonna penalize him. (He probably doesn’t have pants on either.) Forget the air campaign, it was golf handicaps that almost lost the war for the Allies.