Let’s look at some technology that might help us take care of food waste, of which we have a great deal.

One way to turn would-be trash into something useful is through composting.

You get a container, set it in a spot in your yard, and over time it breaks down into material that’s perfect for your garden.

But not everybody has a yard, or a good spot to put a composter, or time to manage a compost pile so that it turns into useful stuff and not just a foul-smelling, fly-attracting pile of who knows what.

(Don’t ask how I know this.)

A German company has come up with a device that it says will speed up the composting process to just 48 hours.


It’s a kitchen garbage can-sized device called KALEA – it’s a Hawaiian word.

It collects food waste, including meat, fish and dairy, which you can’t put in a backyard composter.

The device shreds and dries the organic material.

Then it goes into a tumbling chamber where it keeps temperature, humidity and aeration at just the right levels to break the material down.

If the project is able to raise money and start production, it could turn composting into a weekend project, and (remember, winter’s on the way) a largely indoor one.


It’s National Cat Day, and of course we’re going to celebrate that.

If you’re from Poland, you could mark the holiday by making plans to visit The Cat Museum in Krakow.

It’s full of cat snow globes, kitty soap dispensers and other feline collectibles for you to explore.

And it’s only 161 square feet, so it’s not going to take all day to check it out.

I’m putting that museum on my to-visit list right meow.

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