Mondays Get Meta on this site, as you know, even for our international readers. What we have today, at least as far as I can tell, is a German vehicle advertisement. I base this solely on the fact that the vehicles in question – cranes – are lifting each other into the air, which is, first of all, meta, and second, exactly the kind of “oh my gosh I can’t believe they can do that” moment we’ve come to expect from car and truck ads here. Like when that Chevy truck drove through up a flaming tower, or the Dodge Ram that pulled the entire city of Erie, Pennsylvania to New Jersey and resettled them.

Where the two countries differ is in brevity. American ads are succinct, especially their slogans. “Built Ford Tough.” Chevy: “Like a Rock.”

In Germany, though? At least based on this video, which, again, I assume is an ad? “We have attached holding ropes in front of the the two cranes, crosswise, which is required in order to prevent the cranes from starting to swing back and forth due to the wind.”

Maybe because the cranes are bigger than pickup trucks they have room to put longer slogans on the back?