Here’s an invention that’s all about helping people stay hydrated, and in a creative way.

The inventor is Lewis Hornby, an engineer who wanted to help his grandmother, who had dementia.

Dehydration can be a big problem for patients with dementia or Alzheimers, because those diseases can affect the parts of the brain that let us know when we need more water.

The process of drinking water itself can be tricky, too.

All of which can mean bouts of dehydration, which can mean IV drips, hospital stays, and lots of time, efforts and resources by family members, caregivers and medical teams.

Hornby had an idea: his grandmother was one of many patients who had better success with eating than drinking.

So he created Jelly Drops, colorful, edible treat pods full of water.

For Hornby’s grandmother, these little drops were a big success.

He said giving her a cup of water could take a long time, but she ate seven Jelly Drops in just 10 minutes.

He and his team are now preparing to sell the drops so that grandmothers, grandfathers and anyone who might need a different way to get hydrated will have it.

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Man Creates Edible Water To Help His Grandmother With Dementia Stay Hydrated (Interesting Engineering)

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