We have two rabbits that live in our yard; they’re not pets, but we keep an eye on them just to see what they’re up to. They like to hang out near the back porch and chew on plants; their mealtimes tend to sync up with ours.

Well today a hawk flew off with one of the rabbits. None of the kids actually saw this happen, but they certainly had a lot to say about it. My four year old, who was helping do some gardening, shouted at the sky “give us our bunny friends BACK!”

Then, ominously, she shook her garden trowel and added, “or I will BURY you.”

8:34 pm update! There have only ever been two bunnies in the yard. WE SAW TWO BUNNIES RUN THROUGH THE YARD TONIGHT. I like to think the hawk took her threat seriously and returned its catch.