Steve Lawrence

Wikipedia is in the news today; it’s got something to do with the flap over Sarah Palin’s retelling of Paul Revere’s ride. I tried to read exactly how Wikipedia is involved here, but I gave it up as a missed opportunity. Why is it that when Wikipedia is in the sights of the national press, it’s for some political story and not for my efforts to fix this badly-written article about the (defunct) website Timmy Big Hands?

The games included such oddities as “Kill-a-Guy” where you would literally play God and kill a man by simply clicking on him, as well as an interactive game called “Apologize to Steve”, in which the concept was to apologize to Steve.

Yeah, I gathered that from the title of the game.

Of course, what’s missing is the point of the “Apologize to Steve” game: not simply an offbeat game-that-isn’t-a-game, as you might guess, but a deeply personal interactive piece in which we all apologize to singing star Steve Lawrence, for our society-wide crime of not thinking more about singing star Steve Lawrence.

Which you should all be doing instead of editing Wikipedia. So get busy, already!