Today we’re looking at a robot that’s moving up in the world, because this robot can climb stairs.

It’s called the Ascento Pro, and it’s the latest creation by a startup that’s developing autonomous robots largely for security purposes.

The idea is that a droid that can walk a perimeter with a camera and a microphone every hour can do things that fixed security cameras usually can’t.

Another one of their products is known as the Ascento Guard.

As for the Pro, it can run for eight hours before it has to recharge.

It can also move more than 7 miles per hour, find its own way from here to there, and move through different types of terrain without issues.

What caught my attention was that it can even handle stairs.

It rolls on what look to me like fancy bicycle tires, and when it needs to go up, it sort of hops from one step to the next.

When it’s time to go back down, it can roll smoothly from stair to stair.

We first heard about this project on the site Laughing Squid, and they said this robot reminded them of another system from 2021 to create a wheelchair that could self-balance as it moved up and down staircases.

While a lot of places are more accessible to people with disabilities than ever before, there are still a lot of buildings and outdoor spaces that have staircases out front.

A system like this could turn inaccessible places into accessible ones.

Again, this isn’t strictly the focus of the Ascento Pro, but it’s still a development that could help us in a number of different ways.

I mean, if one of those robot dogs goes haywire and comes after us, we’ll need all the functionality we can get to escape.

Japan is trying to keep a growing bear population from moving too close to rural communities.

The solution: Super Monster Wolf!

These are robots shaped like wolves that can deter wildlife by flashing their big red eyes, showing off big artificial fangs and howling at 90 dB.

Hopefully Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t run across one of these things.

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Photo courtesy Ascento