Today in 2016, the community of Celeron, New York, unveiled and dedicated a statue of its most famous resident, TV legend Lucille Ball.

How that statue came to be is a strange story.

(And yes, we’re doing what Ricky Ricardo never wanted to do: we’re putting Lucy in the show.)

There had actually been a push in town to build a Lucy statue much earlier.

The town had hired a sculptor who’d done some impressive works in other places, and set him to work on a Lucille Ball memorial statue.

But when it was first shown in 2009, the reaction was not what the locals had in mind.

They thought the Lucy in the statue was, well, terrifying.

It became known as the “Scary Lucy” statue, the artist apologized, and the town hired another sculptor, Carolyn Palmer, to put a new likeness of the star in her memorial park.

That’s the one that was shown today in 2016, which also marked Lucy’s birthday.

But as much as people were happy to have the new statue, some of them loved the strange way they’d gotten to it.

And so, if you’re in Celeron today, not only will you find Carolyn Palmer’s Lucille Ball statue, you’ll also find the “Scary Lucy” statue not far away.


Today in 1928, the birthday of artist Andy Warhol, who, among many other accomplishments, helped make Pop Tarts popular.

Originally, the Kellogg’s breakfast pastry was known as a Fruit Scone, and competed with Post’s Country Squares.

But then Kellogg’s gave their product a new name inspired by Andy Warhol’s Pop Art movement.

The Pop Tart quickly took off, and it stayed popular for a lot more than 15 minutes,

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Photo by Adam Moss via Flickr/Creative Commons