Abraham Lincoln was billed as six foot four inches tall, which is well above average even today. But Abraham Lincoln had a super power: under the right circumstances he could become up to thirty feet tall, for very short periods of time. He didn’t use this power very often as president (though he did double his height at parties, just for fun, and during the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation).

Lincoln used the power plenty, though, when he was a young railsplitter, which is why Springfield’s Carl W. Rinnus created this towering depiction of Lincoln at full height. You’ll find the statue at the main entrance to the Illinois State Fairgrounds – note that the statue keeps intact the mole on Lincoln’s face. And if you look at just his torso, you might think of him as a sort of funky 1970’s type – give the man a zodiac-related medallion to wear and he’ll get that night fever, he knows how to show it.

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