Mondays get meta on this site, and on a website called Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Pretty sure it’s heard of you.

New Yorker writer and former Washington Post managing editor Steve Coll, who has been on Facebook since 2008, has decided to sign off.


You’ll notice at the end of the story that it has over 2,000 Likes on Facebook.

A story about quitting Facebook gets plenty of likes on Facebook? And yet, that’s not even the most meta moment of the week. Pondering the Like button reminded me of that short-lived soda Like from the early 80’s. You can, in fact, like Like on Facebook. As of this writing, 79 people like Like, which is about 79 more people than those who liked the actual soda.

And just so we can take the meta as far as it’ll go here, about 28,000 people like the Facebook Like button.