I’m guessing the anti-swearing noxious gas plug-in is not the most popular item in computing:

There has recently been many incidents where people got in trouble for the language they use in social media sites.

Maybe when your “bad language” disturbs you with a bad smell, you will start to understand that it might also have other, more serious consequences.

This device wouldn’t have done much for me, as I was probably the last person in my school to start swearing. It wasn’t until one fateful summer day right before sixth or seventh grade, when a couple of my friends, realizing I would need some verbal ammunition to fend off the troublesome elements in the hallways, essentially staged a swearing intervention, refusing to leave until I’d said all of “those” words at least once. And so I did. It made no difference in dealing with troublesome elements, as it turned out, but it felt cool.

By the way, “Swearing Intervention” would make a great cable show, wouldn’t it? I’d love to hear the letters being read: “It hurts me to see you coming home early, upsetting no one, using the phrase ‘gosh darn it’… we are going to wilderness camp right after this f___ing meeting.”

Maybe noxious anti-swearing gas is for you. Maybe it isn’t. But I ask this much: if you do decide to fight swearing with pepper spray, please don’t bring it to this guy’s class: