Seeing as how there’s a so-called “smart” version of every other product out there, it’s probably no surprise that there are smart eyeglasses.

No, I don’t mean Google Glass from a few years back.

These aren’t augmented reality glasses that feed your eyes extra information about a place or a person that’s in your field of vision.

They’re a pair of glasses that make it easier to see things as our eyes age and lose some of their ability to focus.

Here’s how they work, as explained by the research team at Stanford University: there are eye-tracking sensors embedded in the glasses to detect where your eyes are looking.

They can even sense the distance between the wearer and the object on which that person is focusing.

The eyeglass lenses are filled with fluid, and they adjust themselves in real time so that whatever you’re looking at looks clear.

The technology works pretty well; as for the aesthetics, well, right now they’re pretty large and bulky.

But the development team is – wait for it – focusing on that next.

If you’re near Kansas City, you might check out the National Paper Doll Convention, which begins today.

This year’s theme is “Mystery, Murder and Mayhem,” and I very much would like to know what kind of mayhem a convention full of paper doll enthusiasts can cause.

Stanford develops ‘autofocals’ – glasses that track your eyes to focus on what you see (Stanford University)

National Paper Doll Convention

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