Gloria Estefan

I woke up today with a Gloria Estefan song in my head – the one where she’s going to keep on counting until you are hers. And I realized she started singing that song a long, long time ago. You’ve really been holding out on her, haven’t you?

Gloria Estefan is a woman of her word, and if she said she would keep on counting until you were hers, she’s probably been doing it. But if so, how many numbers has she counted? Let’s break this down a little:

  • Gloria Estefan (and, of course, Miami Sound Machine) counts up to 11 in the course of the song, which is 3 minutes, 34 seconds long. That makes one new count every 19.45454545 seconds. (She probably does other stuff in the other 18 seconds or so, like breathing, eating, sleeping and so forth.)
  • The song was released June 1, 1987. That was 25 years, 7 months and 3 days ago, according to the Date Difference Calculator.
  • That makes 9,350 days, or 224,400 hours, or 13,464,400 minutes, or 807,840,000 seconds.
  • To find the answer, then, we divide the number of seconds since the song ended (807,840,000) by the interval at which Gloria Estefan counts a new number (19.45454545), which is 41,524,485.98. We’ll round up to 41,524,486. Then we add the 11 numbers she counted in the song itself, and we come to a grand total of 41,524,497.


If I were you, I’d just say you love Gloria Estefan already, if only to free her from this counting madness. I mean, you only have to say it five, six, seven times, right?


Update 10:19 pm: You know who liked this post about Gloria Estefan? Gloria Estefan:

Gloria Estefan to Brady: "LOL, xoxo!"