Ok, I get the concept behind celebrity products – put Reggie Jackson on a candy bar, or Michael Jordan on Gatorade, and people who like those people might buy the product. But this? I don’t get this. I kind of like this, but I don’t get this.

Is there a niche market of TV law show viewers who might dig Judge Wapner-approved beverages? If so, would a Judge Mathis Cream Soda hit the spot? Or Doug Llewelyn Lemon-Lime?

We could stretch this past its breaking point, of course. And so I will. This week we’re going to feature some of the oddest celebrity-themed drinks we can find, and create some of our own. If you see one you’d like to feature, send us a link. Or just sit back and soak in the fun.

In response to Judge Wapner Root Beer, I present Meat Loaf Bottled Spring Water. The water that glows like metal on the edge of a knife.

Meat Loaf bottled water