horse on the second floor

There’s something odd in this Craigslist ad – and it has nothing to do with the horse in the hotel room, either:

My friend would really like to meet the person who snuck this horse into a hotel. Was it you? Was it your friend? Let me know if you have any info!

We’ve all used the old “I’m just asking for a friend” line before, but this seems like an odd place to use it. “Me, I totally understand why a person would sneak a horse into a hotel room. It’s just my friend that’s curious. What? His name? Um, his name is, uh, Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo.

I’d also like to point out this is the second time we’ve featured a horse through a second floor window on this site. (The first was in 2009). If we get a third I’m totally starting a Tumblr and/or a band called Second Floor Horses.