I'm Smooth

Three cheers for multitasking! We know Mondays Get Meta on this site, but this Monday is about to get smooth at the same time. It’s like the Flintstones meeting the Jetsons. Do you young folks even know about those cartoons? No? Ok, uh… it’s a little like that time Bieber sat near Rihanna at the Nickelodeon awards. I assume that happened, right? The Nickelodeon awards aren’t held in a big arena or anything so they had to be slightly near to each other.

Anyway, Philip Bernard of San Francisco was as close to Judge Lillian Sing as Bieber (probably) was to Rihanna, and soon there was a tale meant especially for not one but two sections of this corner of the web:

Sing let [Bernard] off with a stern admonishment.

“I told him he had better get into a harm reduction program and get going with a job search,” Sing said.

No sooner did Sing’s gavel go down, however, than Bernard exited the Polk Street courtroom, went around to the alley in back, pulled out a weighted sock and smashed the rear passenger window of a car, police said.

As fate would have it, a couple of beat cops were passing by. They nabbed Bernard, ran the car’s plate and bingo – up popped the judge’s name.

“He did it right under my nose,” Sing said.

And a second stern admonishment no doubt followed – as did a recognition that this was a special kind of misadventure. Many are meta, many are smooth, but only one is both.

Well, Bieber is both too.