Today is the 60th anniversary of one of the world’s great cartoon shows, “Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends!”

These two great pals spent a lot of time making their way in the world, not realizing that they were stopping the nefarious plans of Boris, Natasha and Fearless Leader.

And so, in their honor, here’s a story about a real life moose who inadvertently helped foil a crime.

It happened last August in St. John’s, Newfoundland, a city of roughly 110,000 people that’s also the place where the Trans-Canada Highway ends in eastern Canada.

Residents of St. John’s reported seeing a moose wandering through town.

It seemed to meander through different neighborhoods, eventually working its way south toward downtown.

When there’s a moose on the loose in this part of the world, it falls to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary to deal with it.

Officers located the animal and tried to coax it further north, toward the woods, or at least get it to stop moving toward downtown.

The moose wanted to keep doing its own thing, but even though it wasn’t exactly complying with the officers’ direction, it did end up helping them out.

As they followed the moose through town they came across a vehicle that had been reported stolen the day before.

The moose ended up heading back into a wooded area on its own, having already done its good deed for the day.

Take that, Boris and Natasha!

And if we’re gonna do a story about moose, we’re definitely also gonna do something about squirrels!

Last week in Sacramento, a woman identified only as Emmy L put out a public call for her missing domesticated squirrel.

She says the squirrel responds to the name “Squeakers.” It’s only lived indoors, it “loves blueberries, avocado, cucumber, pistachios” and is “very friendly.”

Maybe Squeakers is helping Sacramento police find a stolen car?

Wandering moose stolen vehicle (CBC)

‘I just need my baby’: Sacramento woman offers reward for missing squirrel, Squeakers (Sacramento Bee)

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