Apparently that Monty Python sketch where everybody’s named Bruce kind of came to life!

There was a story a few days ago in The Atlantic that was just what I needed: an interview with some musicians called the Paul O’Sullivan Band.

There are four guys in the group: Paul O’Sullivan, Paul O’Sullivan, Paul O’Sullivan and (wait for it) Paul O’Sullivan.

Really, what else could they have named the group?

It started with one of the Pauls, a guitar teacher who the others nicknamed Baltimore Paul.

He said he’d been on Facebook friending a bunch of people also called Paul O’Sullivan, and as he got to know them all over time, he realized several of the others were musicians like him.

These Pauls decided, as musicians often do, to put a band together, even though they’re pretty well spread out.

Two live about a two hour drive away from each other in Pennsylvania, but one of them lives in the UK and another in the Netherlands. So they work remotely.

Their first single came out in February. It’s called “Namesake,” and it’s broadly about how names can have a pretty important role in our lives.

I mean, this name brought four Paul O’Sullivans together to form a band!

Here’s another musical project that brings together musicians with a common bond, though a very different kind.

These musicians are all animals.

There’s a duck on the drums, a dog wagging its tail, a horse playing a flute, an autotuned cat, etc.

I’m kind of exhausted after listening to their track, but hey, all new forms of art are confusing at first.

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