He was, after all, a bit of a close talker. But had he known about Wikipedia’s “close talker” entry, he might have backed up a few thousand feet.

A close talker is someone who when talking to you moves in very close.

Well, dang, I woulda never guessed THAT!

They stand very close to you, with their face too close to your face, invading your “personal space”.

You mean, like, CLOSE?

The person conversing with the ‘close talker’ usually will back up to allow a normal space in between them and the ‘close talker’. However, the ‘close talker’ usually continues to move forward to again secure their position, standing way too close.

So the close talker is close by and closes in to get close and is usually way too close.

So preschools do Wikipedia now?

Backing up, bobbing, and weaving – “the ‘ol bob and weave” – are common tactics of the unfortunate person who gets stuck talking to a ‘close talker’.

Sadly, my Interpersonal Communication professor used the term “the ‘ol bob and weave” repeatedly.

Wait – no, he didn’t, because it’s not a real term.

And I never took Interpersonal Communication! What the heck is going on here anyway?