The greatest holiday tradition in the history of holidays is back! The Carlson Kids have taken their annual holiday photos with Santa and Mr. T!

My eight year old and I were amazed this morning to think that he has done one of these pictures each year for nine years, all the way back to when he was a baby. He was smaller than the Mr. T doll back then, but not anymore.

Four year old with Santa and Mr. T

By the way, that stuff on the four year old’s forehead is the remnants of a unicorn horn she got painted on there last weekend. It won’t come off – ever, apparently.

Nearly five year old with Santa and Mr. T

For his photo this year, our nearly five year old wanted to hold hands with his two friends, which I love. He was also giving them both kisses in between pictures!

Enjoy the holidays with your favorites! You can see all of our photos of Carlson Kids with Santa and Mr. T here.