This week we’re replaying some of our favorite past episodes about some delicious between-meal treats.

Three homemade baked pretzels spell out OMG

Pretzels Have Been Twisting Their Way Into Our Hearts For Over A Millennium

We mark National Pretzel Day with a deep dive into the history of this near-perfect snack. Plus: if you’re hungry for pretzels, we’ll tell you about a pretzel-themed restaurant in Maryland.


Cheese curls (photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr/Creative Commons

How The Cheese Curl Was Invented (Partly By Accident)

In 1932 the makers of the cheese curl (or one of them, there are several origin stories) applied for a patent for their creation. Only that creation was supposed to be something entirely different.


Gingerbread - U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Elisa Labbe

Queen Elizabeth I Had Her Guests Eat Gingerbread Men That Looked Like Themselves

A closer look at the amazing and frequently disturbing history of gingerbread, including how one of the most famous royals of all time helped bring gingerbread people into the world.


People in Belgium eating frites (photo by janmennens via Flickr/CC)

In Belgium, Eating Fries Is Patriotic

In 2020, authorities in Belgium called on citizens to do their duty and help the country’s potato farmers by ordering frites twice a week. Fitting, since Belgium is home of the world’s only Frietmuseum and considers itself the birthplace of the fried potato.


Candy corn photo by Rodger via Flickr/Creative Commons

Quit Hating On Candy Corn, At Least Until You Hear Its Story

While no candy gets more hassle around this time of year than candy corn, it also has its fans. I mean, someone’s eating those 9 billion pieces produced each year.