Lots of stories from the past month:

This Google Map proves that Johnny Cash really was everywhere, man, like the song says. [The Verge]

Aww, Grumpy Cat was grumpy even as a kitten! [Buzzfeed]

Line of the month: “An important deadline for Election 2048 is fast approaching.” [The Atlantic]

Shark Tank meets Saved by the Bell: I don’t/didn’t watch either show, but man I do like this remix. [Warming Glow]

“After five days of dripping whiskey through the man’s IV, he woke up and could see again.” [Consumerist]

How long til these Photoshops of Tom Selleck next to waterfalls with giant sandwiches are t-shirts? [Sad and Useless]

“[T]he American Government made the Native Americans walk the Trail of Tears, and that was super no bueno.” [Shit My Students Write]

“Sleazebag Santa” is a meme: he “sees you when you’re sleeping… likes what he sees.” [Pleated Jeans]