Cookie Monster gets funky

This may be the best thing you see all day. It will certainly be the funkiest. Cookie Monster channels Isaac Hayes and jams on an ode to – what else – cookies.

Cookie’s funky look may remind us in 2011 more of George “P-Funk All Star” Clinton, but the vibe is all Isaac – especially as he struts out slowly, wordlessly, and makes the crowd swoon just by holding his arms out. Also: hearing Cookie Monster ask “CAN YOU DIG IT?”

Here’s the second-funkiest thing you’ll see today: I came across a GQ profile of George Clinton while writing this piece. The whole article is worth your time, but make sure to read, re-read and cherish this bit:

I am visiting him at the Burbank rental apartment in which he and Stephanie are staying for a couple of weeks in September 2005 while he prepares for a show at the Greek Theatre that’s billed as his fiftieth anniversary as a performer. For much of the first hour I am there, he barely acknowledges me as he sits at a desk facing the wall, working on his latest artwork with children’s crayons. The picture taking shape shows spangle-glassed Parliament-Funkadelic bass player Bootsy Collins with a twisted Munch-scream mouth, some UFOs looming in the background, and a figure who was once Clinton but has now taken on simian features.

I am fortunate to have pretty much everything I want in the world. But I want that drawing.