Tomb of John Adams

Buried: Quincy, Massachusetts
Died: July 4, 1826

See him: Just drop by United First Parish Church, the anchor of Quincy’s “presidential district.” It’s an active Unitarian congregation, and one that’s happy to play up its historic role at the heart of the “City of Presidents.” The church itself is lovely, with old-style enclosed wooden pews and a big pipe organ in the balcony. The grave area is in the basement, which looks… like a basement. It’s got room for the big stone tombs of John and Abigail Adams, as well as the tombs of their son, John Quincy Adams, and his wife, Louisa, but not much more – plus the ceiling is low and there’s no decor to speak of. I dropped by on a hot, muggy July day, which prompted a number of visitors to crack wise about the smell of the tomb. It just smells like a slightly musty basement, so don’t freak. But even if it did smell, there are two presidents and two first ladies in there. A room like that could smell if it wanted to.