I wasn’t intending to start a project when I made my Nixon/Terminator hybrid a few weeks ago, but wherever I turn, someone is asking me to use face capture technology in some promotional thing or other. So consider it the first part of my newest endeavor, the Nixon Everywhere project. We will face capture Richard Nixon in every part of the Internet we can.

We continue, then, with a visit to the SVEDKA Bot Builder. While I didn’t quite catch how building an customized, face-captured robot tied into hard liquor, but then I’ve never been much of a drinker. Anyway, their bot builder let me put Nixon’s face onto a muscle-posing, jet-pack-wielding, leather pants-wearing cyborg, which is easily the highlight of my week thus far. Nixon Vodka Bot, would you sign in please?

Nixon Vodka Bot

Face capture always looks a little strange, especially when you’re adding the face of the 37th president of the United States to a face capture robot program. My first thought was not that it looked like a cyborg Richard Nixon, but as Jan in the Pan, the decapitated victim/villain of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die:

Jan in the Pan

Looks like Nixon Everywhere is off to a rousing start…