On this Monday, January 6th I bring news you can use about pizza – specifically, what gets you the most pizza.

Obviously one large gets you more than one medium or one small, but what if you’re offered one of those deals where you could get two mediums for a special price?

A bold group of pizza researchers studied this and several other important questions a few years back, and found that the answer is all about the geometry of circles.

A small pizza, 8 inches in diameter, has a total area of just over 50 square inches.

A pizza with a 12 inch diameter, on the other hand, has over 113 square inches!

In other words, pizzas get exponentially bigger as you increase the diameter.

Which means that in most cases, a single large is actually a fair bit more pizza than two mediums, and, according to the research, is usually a better value for the money.

Unless you really like crust, in which case the two medium deal IS for you.

We had our pizza, now it’s time for dessert.

Meet the Cocoa Press, developed at the University of Pennsylvania by engineering student Evan Weinstein.

It’s a 3D printer for chocolate, freeing this popular dessert from bar shapes and other molds.

Just don’t tell old Slugworth about this!

One 18″ Pizza Is More Pizza Than Two 12″ Pizzas, Math Shows Us Why – Primer Tackling the Serious Issues (Primer Magazine)

Evan and the chocolate factory (University of Pennsylvania)

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Photo by Jerry Huddleston via Flickr/Creative Commons