Earlier I posted a call for advice on my Facebook page, about an amazing and urgent issue that had come up with my project and a former (living) president:

"SERIOUSLY, ADVICE NEEDED: holy crap. I just got off the phone with the office of a former (living) president about my travel project (the call is legit, I checked it out). They're interested in funding the TV show - in full, meaning I wouldn't have to do the Kickstarter, and I'd get interview access with the guy. Like, plenty of time.  The only question is: can I ethically do this?"

While a few people figured out that this too-good-to-be-true announcement was coming on April 1st, most folks simply said “GO FOR IT!” and wished me well. I can now, of course, say that while your advice and support is greatly appreciated, the question is moot, as there is no former president trying to fund my project.

Yet. Although if there’s a Hipster Herbert Hoover out there I’d be all over that.

But nobody who “fell” for the joke is an April Fool – it means a lot to me that you would be excited for me about this project! So thank you. Big funders would be nice, wouldn’t they? But usually – and I doubt I’m an exception – these kinds of projects are backed not by one or two big players but their audiences – in this case, all of you who read these oddball stories, all of you who comment on my photos from the road, all of you who see articles about the presidents and say “Hey Brady, have you seen this?”

I’d rather have all of you on board to share this with than any of the presidents I’m covering

And I’m actually making progress on this particular project – the next fundraiser is going to kick off in a few weeks, as soon as I can get my trailer filmed (which I will start doing this weekend). The narration and music (yes, I’m recording original music for this show!) will come next, then it just needs some editing and off we go.

I know it’s not quite as exciting as a call out of the blue from a former president, but I think what we’re doing here is pretty exciting, don’t you?