We have a lot to catch up on! First, thanks to all the backers for Kickstarter project #2. It’s pretty clear I set the goal too high, as you all raised nearly half of the goal, which was in effect one of the two trips. I have a plan B to get back in action soon, so this shouldn’t slow us down too much.

Also, last week I dropped by the annual wreath laying ceremony at Franklin Pierce’s grave in Concord, and got some good pictures. I’ll have those for you shortly.

But on to the present: the Midwest. This week I’ll see President Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois and President Ford in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I spent part of today in Chicago enjoying world-class wind chill and dropping by a few of the city’s presidential statues. I haven’t processed my full-size photos yet, but through the magic of Instagram I have a few moments to share for the time being.

Above is the Lincoln statue at Grant Park. The sculptor here is Augustus Saint-Gaudens, whose studio in New Hampshire is now a National Historic Site.

A statue of Abraham Lincoln at Chicago's Lincoln Park.

Lincoln has four statues in Chicago, and this is the one at Lincoln Park, appropriately enough.

A statue of Ulysses S. Grant on horseback in Chicago's Lincoln Park.

I saw Lincoln in Grant Park, so to complete the circle I had to see Grant in Lincoln Park. This statue is just south of the entrance of the zoo, built into the side of a hill. Grant and his horse have a pretty nice view of Lake Michigan.

Tomorrow I head to Dixon, to see yet another Lincoln statue and several Ronald Reagan statues… and soon: two presidents!