Get ready to be icked out: Street Fighter Condoms are a real thing, apparently. Not an officially licensed real thing, of course – granted, regular video game playing can usually keep a person away from any activity that could end up in unexpected pregnancy or disease, but there’s just no call for that creepy Ryu/Chun Li drawing… it’s enough to make me scream “NOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” while my world spins around me.

As you know, when I see a problem, I try to also find a solution. If we’re going to be stuck with unofficial Street Fighter condoms, how about we get this, too?

Bad Dudes Home Pregnancy Test

Presenting the Bad Dudes Home Pregnancy Test! If your results are positive, the indicator says “Hey dude, thanks for impregnating me. Let’s go for a burger… Ha! Ha! Ha!”

via Geeks Are Sexy