Today we’re talking about what could be a pretty big breakthrough for the millions of people who face heart disease every year.

Over time our arteries can get clogged with plaque, which means blood can’t get through to the heart, which leads to strokes and heart attacks.

Doctors can perform surgeries to bypass the clogged arteries, but what about unclogging the blockage?

That’s the idea behind some research just published out of Michigan State and Stanford Universities.

They’ve designed a nanoparticle that can target the plaque inside those blood vessels and actually reduce it.

As they describe it, the nanoparticles seek out immune cells in the area and stimulate them to clear out cellular debris – the plaque – which should help clear blockages and improve blood flow.

That could mean fewer heart attacks, and without much in the way of side effects, because the nanoparticles are so selective about what they do.

That said, there’s still a lot more testing to do, so if you want to avoid heart disease, a reminder that the old ways of cutting back on those artery-clogging foods are still pretty effective.

Meanwhile, an animal rescue group in Leesville, South Carolina has taken custody of about 100 pigs.

Before they can be rehomed, they need to learn how to be comfortable around humans.

So they’re calling for piggy cuddlers!

Hang out with the pigs, pet them, give them treats! Bring a little joy to a pig today.

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