Risk gameboard

Neil Armstrong’s relatives have confirmed what we kind of all figured – that he’d worked out his “one small step” line before landing on the moon. But more importantly, he did so while locked in a battle for global supremacy with his brother Dean:

He said ‘why don’t you and I, once the boys go to bed, why don’t we play a game of Risk’.

“I said I’d enjoy that. We started playing Risk and then he slipped me a piece of paper and said ‘read that’. I did.

“On that piece of paper there was ‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’. He says ‘what do you think about that?’ I said ‘fabulous’. He said ‘I thought you might like that, but I wanted you to read it’.”

He then added: “It was ‘that is one small step for A man’.”

Having seen quite a few commercials for Risk on TV as a kid, I can only say that I’m glad Neil Armstrong used this line, instead of a Risk tagline. Imagine if he’d come down the ladder, planted his foot on lunar soil and said, “Win the game… and you win the world”?