In space, no one can hear you scream… but they can watch you eat maple syrup. On this edition of OffMessage, Isaac Hayes, action hero; what to do at Wal-Mart for 41 hours; the most influential cat in British politics; and music from that “Where’s the Beef” lady.

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Keep the rules in mind, and nobody gets hurt: Brady explains the rules of OffMessage, with help from some of his broadcast colleagues: Bill O’Reilly, Dr. Gene Scott, the Spirit of Truth guy and Casey Kasem.
Music: “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Pat Boone

Syrup in Space: In June 1999, astronaut Dan Barry made history by bringing maple syrup into space. Brady talks with Lyle Gray of Gray’s Sugarhouse in Ashfield, Massachusetts, where the interstellar syrup was made.
Music: “He Went Into Space” by The Dagons

Dead Man Eating: I’ll have a bucket of KFC with a lethal injection? Brady talks with Mike Randleman, who tracks the morbidly tasty world of last meals on the Dead Man Eating site.
Music: “25 Minutes To Go” by Johnny Cash

Here’s where the beef is: Coyote McCloud and Clara Peller ask that musical question “Where’s the Beef?”
Isaac Hayes, Action Hero: We review Truck Turner, the greatest action movie starring the guy who played Chef on South Park.

The Downing Street Cat: Humphrey served three British Prime Ministers as the official mouser of 10 Downing Street before passing away at age 18. We remember Humphrey and look back at his career with Patrick Roberts of Purr n Fur UK.Music: “Stray Cat Blues” by The Rolling Stones

News Roundup: Brady and Senior News Analyst Mike Ostrego run down the recent news: the door-to-door breast inspector, gangs shooting each other in the butt, Mario boxes invading real life, and what to do when your new wife is 71 years older than you.
Music: Super Mario Brothers theme

The Voice of Love: Leonard Nimoy would love making love with you.

Credits: Where credit is due, anyway.