It’s been another strange week:

Bronson Pinchot brings sexy back to Balkitown: “I just found some bird-vomit-colored wood. It’s original painted wainscoting from about 1825. There’s a lot to do something with. Would I have picked that color? No. I wouldn’t have said, ‘Dear God, let me find some bird-crap-colored wood.’ But there’s so much of it, and it’s so nice, I will put other material around it.” [Slate]

But what color wood would it make? “The Ecobot-III… has managed to succeed in the laboratory by being able to collect its own food and water and poop in a litter tray. As such, it has potential for being a long-lived self-sustaining robot, unlike its disposable predecessors.” [Geekosystem]

Phil Mickelson’s ball:
Commentator 1: “That’s one of the most unusual things I’ve ever seen – it’s up the leg of the shorts.”
Commentator 2: “I was afraid of what you might say.”
Commentator 1: “Well, yeah.”

[Bits and Pieces]