The second floor is essentially done. And that means last night was moving night!

We're in!

We turned the heat on, and the heat actually stayed inside the room – we’ve never had that happen here before! It was almost too warm; we had to turn the thermostat down.

We’re not completely moved in yet – it’s more like having a hotel room upstairs and all our clothing and belongings downstairs. But we’ll be moving more items up over time.

Trim is done, as are the bedroom closet doors.

Bedroom closet

There are a few items left – the vanity is now in the bathroom, as is the flooring, but the toilet is still being installed. So no water upstairs for at least another day or so.


There are also a few fixtures to install up there as well. Most of them look like this – more contemporary than the tin fixture in our master bedroom and living room, but very classy and bright.

Bedroom lighting

The staircase has all of its trim – we need to paint it, but it’s in place. So is our tin light fixture – it’s a lot easier to move things up and down the stairs when you can see what you’re doing.

Stairway light

Stairway lights

Downstairs is almost done, too – the overhead lights are in place, and do they ever look good:

Living room lights

The team is working on the main floor as I write this, so we should have more photos tonight or tomorrow. We really are in the home stretch!