opened its virtual doors on April 1, 2002, with hope, determination and the goal of becoming the world’s #1 gambling-related pornography website for aliens. April 2nd was when we took the site back from those greedy hackers, and the rest is history.

Actually, we’ve accomplished a lot in the past year. We’ve added Campaign Treehouse, the EWS, Professor Max, the Mailbag, the official Jumping Bomb Angel site, and a lot more. We’ve redesigned several times, eventually settling on a ripoff of every good site out there. And our number of visits has skyrocketed, especially since I learned how to set up the Opera browser to reload pages every 5 seconds.

We’ve got lots of plans to make the next twelve months even more exciting for our site, but at present our lawyers are sorting those ideas into piles of “legal,”Â? “illegal”Â? and “immoral.”Â? In the meantime, keep visiting, keep laughing and never stop sending money!