Owen and his strawberries

Strawberry picking season has begun at Hidden Farm! For Sonya and I this is the payoff for last year’s painful but necessary process of tearing up and rearranging almost the entire garden, which was a big shock to a usually busy strawberry patch. It’s great to see the berry patch bouncing back like this – of course, the buckets of rain we’ve been getting have had a lot to do with it as well.

For toddler Owen, this is exciting because strawberries are one of his favorite snacks – the word “strawberry” was one of the first really complicated words he learned to say, although it took some time to say it quite right. For a long time he called them “strawber-lilies,” which was just adorable. It was the first of many Owen-isms we’ve enjoyed as he’s learned to talk. “Moo-guk” is a longtime favorite, for when he wants to hear a song or two. The latest is “puticker,” for computer.

In sampling the latest from the garden, though, O’s comments were pretty straightforward: “mmmm,” with a side note: “I picked it!”