Wikipedia recently celebrated Justin Knapp Day, and before you ask, no he was not one of the New Kids on the Block – that was Jordan Knight. Although there’s no reason one couldn’t just edit the New Kids on the Block entry on Wikipedia to add him in there. Hey, that’s better!

Now then. Justin Knapp, in addition to being one of the five six bad brothers from the Beantown land, is also Wikipedia’s most prolific editor – he’s made more than one million edits. And as much fun as I’ve had giggling over some of Wikipedia’s content, I want to join with Senor Wales and company in “a toast to Justin and his many edits.” My toast, though, will consist of looking at an edit that doesn’t meet Justin’s more exacting standards. It’s from the article on the breakup of the Beatles:

The Beatles were active from their formation in 1960 to the disintegration of the group in 1970.

Which clears up the speculation that the band actually continued on after breaking up – or, in this editor’s words, disintegrated. Actually, the truth is more complicated – the Beatles did physically disintegrate after disbanding, but they managed to “come together” a little while later. As dogs.

The Beatles are dogs

Justin Knapp may have the most edits, but he doesn’t have the best ones.