News coverage of the “Detroit Needs RoboCop” project is everywhere. Fundraising for the RoboCop statue is going like gangbusters. My town council just voted to move the entire city to Detroit upon completion of the statue. I guess you could say people are excited.

And well they should be, frankly. RoboCop has toiled all these many years without a whole lot of recognition, and I think it’s high time we give the big guy a statue and a whole lot more.

For starters, let’s enshrine RoboCop in the Advertising Hall of Fame. Japan’s fried chicken industry wouldn’t be where it is today without him:

And RoboCop in the WWE Hall of Fame is long overdue. I bet Sting would give him a reference. Maybe the Four Horsemen, too:

And finally, how about a Presidential Medal of Freedom for RoboCop, who protected us from Jodie Foster when no one else would?

RoboCop would’ve earned himself a statue just for ridding Detroit of those evil OCP guys. Add in these other accomplishments and we’re looking at one of the true greats of our time.