Today my youngest is four!

She prefers top speed, so she can read books, write lists, tell jokes, build towers, race cars, sing her favorite songs (“Rebel Girl” and, somehow, “Juke Box Hero”) and play with her friends and her big bros all in one day.

One of my jobs for the big day was to put together a birthday cake, only which cake I would be putting together was an open question. Leading up to the birthday, she’d asked for a unicorn cake. Then she asked for another rainbow cake, like the one I made for her third birthday. Finally, the weekend before, she decided on a Christmas tree cake, which is what I put together. “And,” she added out of nowhere, “I will be mad at you if it’s ugly.” So no pressure.

Four year old checks out her Christmas tree cake!

By the way, I would like to point out that for most of her year of being three, she pronounced unicorn as “oo-nicorn,” birthday as “birfday” and ugly as “ug-uh-ly,” all of which are my favorites.

Happy birthday, big girl!