Tomorrow I start my new job. Which is also my old job. And all of it at the same radio station. Make sense?

In 2005, I joined the NHPR team as a weekend announcer, which I did for a year until they brought me on full time. Now, I’m taking back my old shows, along with a reporting beat.

It’s completely the same, it’s completely different. The shows and hosts on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with one very big exception, are the same as they were ten years ago. The tone is the same. It’s still, well, pretty early.

On the other hand, my commute will be an hour shorter. I’ve got a house, two kids, and I’m a lot healthier. And I know a thing or two about the news now, and how to make a show sound pretty good. I’ve got some cool ideas in the works for Saturdays and Sundays, and for the reporting end of the job, too.

So literally: stay tuned! Hope you enjoy what you hear.