Harriet Quimby, The Pilot Who Became “Queen of the Channel Crossing” (Cool Weird Awesome 533)

Today in 1875, aviation pioneer Harriet Quimby was born. She isn't as well known as Amelia Earhart or Bessie Coleman but, as the first woman to fly across the English Channel, she definitely made an impact. Plus: on Minnesota's birthday, a look at a fact you might not know about its famous state fair. 

How A Pedal-Powered Airplane Crossed The English Channel (Cool Weird Awesome 319)

Today's the anniversary of a pretty unusual moment in the history of human flight: on this day in 1979, an airplane flew over the English Channel that was entirely powered by its pilot. Plus: watching the heaviest airplane ever built take off is a sight to see.

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Does A Book With 1,250 Endings Ever Really End? (Cool Weird Awesome 262)

I grew up reading Choose Your Own Adventure books, some of which had dozens of possible endings. But a new book from a celebrated Sri Lankan children's author had a world record 1,250 endings! Plus: a pilot in Austria does his part for social distancing with a flight path that spells out "STAY HOME."

The Life And Flights Of Jerrie Cobb (Cool Weird Awesome 252)

Today is the birthday of Jerrie Cobb, who could have been the first woman in space but ended up flying to great heights nonetheless. Plus: it was on this day in 2011 that a museum in the Netherlands first put on exhibit a work called “Peanut Butter Floor," which was exactly what it sounds like.

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That Time There Was A Laugh Track On “The Twilight Zone” (Cool Weird Awesome 171)

Who knew the Twilight Zone was a dimension not only of sight and sound but of canned laughter?!? The episode "Cavender is Coming" features Jesse White, Carol Burnett, and a laugh track the network thought might help lead to a spinoff series. (It didn't.) Plus: anybody want to fly in an airplane where the whole interior looks like a giant window?

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When The Flyover Flies Over The Wrong Spot (Cool Weird Awesome 80)

Patrouille Swiss is the official aerial acrobatics team for Switzerland. Last weekend they were in fine form as they flew over the community of Langenbruck for a festival honoring a local aviation hero... except for one thing: they weren’t actually over Langenbruck.

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To Get Plastic Out Of The Ocean, Put It On A Plane (Cool Weird Awesome 56)

Researchers at Washington State University say they’ve found a way to make jet fuel out of something the world throws out in great quantities every day: household plastic.

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You Call This Archaeology? (Cool Weird Awesome 17)

During the Cold War, the CIA flew U2 planes all over the globe, to see what the Soviets were up to. Two researchers just went back through those photos for archaeology's sake - and found a lot.

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Come On Feel The Airplane Bathroom Noise (Cool Weird Awesome 13)

Researchers out of Brigham Young University have been working to quiet one of the most ungodly noises in the world - airplane bathrooms.

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