Indiana Almost Set The Value Of Pi At 3.2, Even Though That Isn’t Pi’s Value (Cool Weird Awesome 1180)

This week in 1897, lawmakers in the state of Indiana almost added a mathematical shortcut to state law, with a bill that would have set the wrong value for the number pi. 

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25 Days of Holiday Songs: “Christmas At The Airport” by Nick Lowe

If you're traveling for this holiday, here's hoping you don't get stuck at the airport, but if you do, I hope you can make the most of it like Nick Lowe does.

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Airports Aren’t Just For The Journey, They’re The Destination (Cool Weird Awesome 84)

A growing number of people are heading to the airport not to catch flights, but just to hang out at the airport itself. And why not, given how many cool amenities airports have added over the years?

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Excuse Me, My Suitcase Would Like To Get By (Cool Weird Awesome 44)

The busiest part of the year for travelers is coming, meaning that at airports, there will be a lot of people around to clonk into each other. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University may have a solution: a collision-detecting suitcase.

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