Oklahoma’s Panhandle Was Once Known As “No Man’s Land” (Cool Weird Awesome 1127)

Today in 1907 Oklahoma became the 46th state in the Union. Oklahoma's panhandle has a complicated history that includes a time when it was known as “No Man’s Land.”

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Two Young Brothers Rode Across The Country On Horseback To Hang Out With Teddy Roosevelt (Cool Weird Awesome 1044)

Today in 1909, the brothers Abernathy, ages five and eight, started a 1,300 mile trip - on horseback, unsupervised - from Oklahoma to New Mexico and back. The next year they got back on their horses to ride to New York to see their dad's pal, Teddy Roosevelt.

The Star-Spangled Banner That Inspired “The Star-Spangled Banner” (Cool Weird Awesome 1026)

It's Flag Day here in the US, and a good time to tell the story of the American flag that led to the writing of what is now our national anthem. Plus: in 2017, the community of Pocatello, Idaho raised a new flag to widespread relief, since its old flag had been called the ugliest in the country! 

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Hands Across America Brought Together Some Hands Across Some Of America (Cool Weird Awesome 1012)

Today in 1986, Hands Across America! People were supposed to build national unity and help those in need by linking hands in a chain that stretched from sea to shining sea. And at least some of them did.

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Gregory Robertson Saved An Unconscious Skydiver After A High-Speed Dive (Cool Weird Awesome 990)

He called it just another day of skydiving, but today in 1987, Gregory Robertson saved a fellow skydiver’s life with a high-speed free fall of more than a mile.

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Banning Sliced Bread Was Not The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (Cool Weird Awesome 930)

Today in 1943, the US government tried to help the war effort in a way that did NOT go over well. They tried to halt the sales of sliced bread.

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Betsy Ross May Not Have Made The First Flag, But She Really Did Make Flags (Cool Weird Awesome 917)

Today in 1752, the birthday of the woman known today as Betsy Ross. The legend goes that after meeting with General George Washington, Mrs. Ross put together the very first version of what would become the flag of the United States. Historians are pretty sure that’s just a legend, but there are reasons why the story came to be.

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President Franklin Pierce Got An Acclaimed Author To Write His Campaign Biography (Cool Weird Awesome 894)

Today in 1804, the birthday of President Franklin Pierce. He's not well known today, but in his time, people learned about the 14th president through a biography written by the acclaimed novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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A Comanche Code Talker Sent The First Message From Utah Beach On D-Day (Cool Weird Awesome 886)

For Veterans Day, the story of the Comanche Code Talkers, 17 veterans of the second World War who created an unbroken code in their native language that saved lives and helped the US military effort. 

The U.S. Had An Aunt Sammy As Well As An Uncle Sam (Cool Weird Awesome 857)

Today in 1926, America’s aunt made her debut on the airwaves. That would be Aunt Sammy, who gave cooking tips to millions of listeners in the early days of radio.

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