Scientists May Be Able To Recreate Cleopatra’s Perfume (Cool Weird Awesome 775)

We don't know for sure it's hers, but researchers have found traces of a perfume that was likely popular during Cleopatra's time - and they think they may be able to brew some of it up.

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“Mummy Brown” Was A Paint Made From Actual Mummies (Cool Weird Awesome 718)

Today in 1923, King Tut's tomb was opened and entered. That may not have been the afterlife the young pharaoh had hoped for, but it could have been worse: for centuries artists used a paint called Mummy Brown, which was made with actual mummy parts.

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The Proto-Guitarist Who Rocked Ancient Egypt (Cool Weird Awesome 475)

The earliest guitar-like instrument we've been able to find appears to have belonged to Har-Mose, who played for Queen Hatshepsut 3500 years ago in ancient Egypt.

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The Great Pyramid’s Workforce Wasn’t As Big As We Thought (Cool Weird Awesome 316)

Hundreds of thousands of laborers toiled for decades to build Egypt's legendary Great Pyramid... or did they? Professor Emeritus Vaclav Smil of the University of Manitoba did the math and found a very different conclusion. Plus: it's the birthday of baseball great Dave Parker, who once hit a home run that stopped 150 miles away from the ballpark.

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