Whitney Smith Flew The Flag For Studying Flags (Cool Weird Awesome 1190)

Today in 1940, the birthday of the world’s number one flag expert: Whitney Smith, who not only studied flags his entire life, he invented the word for studying flags.

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Electric Cutlery Can Make Food Taste Saltier Without Being Saltier (Cool Weird Awesome 937)

If you’re trying to eat healthier in the new year, maybe by cutting back on salt, here’s something that might help: cutlery that can make food seem saltier without the added salt.

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Who Was Granny Smith And How Did She Get An Apple Named After Her? (Cool Weird Awesome 871)

Happy National Apple Day! Today it's the story of Maria Ann Smith, who discovered the tart, juicy green apple now known around the world as the Granny Smith.

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Tomatoes Are Fruit, But The Supreme Court Once Ruled That They’re Vegetables (Cool Weird Awesome 768)

Today in 1893, the highest court in the land made a controversial ruling that would profoundly affect Americans to this day: the US Supreme Court ruled that the tomato was a vegetable.

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There Used To Be A World Record For Auto Sales (Cool Weird Awesome 427)

This week marks two years since the end of a lawsuit over who had the world record in car sales! Not that we're short on stories these days about people disputing numbers. Plus: if you want a calmer story, how about this one about an artist who makes ornate sculptures from apples?

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